How to Host a Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Hen Party

A do-it-yourself (“DIY”) Outdoor Hen party offers a great way to celebrate in style but on a shoestring…

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How to Host a Do-It-Yourself Vintage Hen Party

A do-it-yourself (“DIY”) Vintage Hen party offers a great way to celebrate in style but on a shoestring….

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Hen Parties: Girls’ Night In!

Hen parties are becoming increasingly extravagant affairs, with Friday to Sunday (sometimes Monday) hen weekends becoming standard. Budget is on everyone’s mind and filling a whole weekend with action-packed activities, luxurious pamper treats, gourmet catering and cheeky entertainment can leave some of the hen party wondering whether they should cancel the summer holiday.

There are, however, plenty of ways to stretch the budget without compromising on the quality of the hen party. Holding a girls’ night in is a great way to do so. We have had the pleasure of enjoying the suggestions, advice and delightful ideas of Hannah Read-Baldrey, in Hannah’s new book, Girls’ Night In: Craft, Cakes and Cocktails for the Ultimate Party.

Girls’ Night In: Crafts, Cakes and Cocktails for the Ultimate Party

Dedicated to ‘all my girls’ and inspired by evenings in with old school friends who have stood the test of time, the early signs were that that Girls’ Night In was going to strike a few chords with us.

The chic and unique spirit of Girls’ Night In is firmly set with a handy introduction section including advice on handmade invitations to making “talking point crackers”. The beautifully illustrated Craft Projects section details many novel craft project ideas of varying complexity and time requirements, but each with straightforward instructions, short shopping lists and even templates. Designed to be enjoyed with a glass of something chilled and some nibbles, particular favourites, especially for hen parties, include the “Mini-me Doll” (make each other!), “Showgirl Tassels” and “Butterfly Mask”. Our Crafty Hen is clucking with approval.

Keeping our Pampered Hen happy, the Boudoir Beauty section is just perfect for any type of DIY pamper party, including a girls’ morning in after a hen night. Not only are there scrumptious face masks, hand scrubs and foot soaks to be made, but Girls’ Night In provides easy to follow instructions (with photographs) on vintage hairstyling and classic make up techniques. The Savvy Savouries, Sweet Treats & Cocktails section will certainly help complete a girls’ night in with unique and quirky style. A ‘Peaches and cream leggy ruffle cake’ for the bride-to-be cannot fail to impress the hen party.

Even if you end up attending as many hen parties as the founders of Organise A Hen, you are unlikely to be able to test out all the fabulous and unique ideas in . However, we all know that ‘girlie nights in’ are not just for pre-wedding celebrations and this is one superb “how-to” manual for building and maintaining life-long friendships with the girls. In hard back, with stunning illustrations and photographs, this is a delightful coffee table must and a great idea for a gift. 

Girls’ Night In certainly delivers on its catchy strapline in the synopsis, “Here come the girls, so get ready for an incredible night in!” 

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Hen Party Games you can Play at Home

There are lots of hen party games on the market nowadays, but most of them boil down to one thing: dares. Saucy, scandalous dares that will have everyone in hysterics on the night and leave them unable to look each other in the eye the following morning.

But whether or not that appeals to you, there’s an issue here that needs addressing. If you’ve ever played one of these hen party games, you’ll know what the dares are like, but here’s a sample for the uninitiated:

  •        Kiss the next person who comes through the door!
  •        Ask a stranger for a condom!
  •        Swap underwear with a bloke!

What do they all have in common (aside from being a bit rude)? They all rely on the presence of other people. Almost all of these games are designed to be played in a pub, which is a problem if you’re partying at home. You could always just skip any pub-specific forfeits, but when you’ve paid good money for your hen party dare cards, it seems a shame to scrap half the deck.

So here’s a selection of things you can do instead. None of these games require any interaction with non-hens, making them ideal for a hen night at home!

Mr & Mrs Quiz: A hen staple. Quiz the bride and discover how much she really knows about her betrothed!

Truths & Lies: Each player tells three stories about themselves, only one of which really happened. Everyone else has to sort the truth from the tosh!

Drinking ________: Any game, including board games and video games, can be turned into a drinking game with a little imagination. The rules will depend on the game but, generally speaking, just drink whenever you do something wrong!

Of course, there’s still plenty of room in there for a forfeit or two. In fact, your home is probably a far better environment for dare-doing than a pub; you’ll at least have some privacy, and only your closest friends will be there to witness any embarrassment!

This guest blog post was written by Joel Dear of They sell a wide variety of hen party games, some of which don’t even involve dares!

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Hen Party Planning Tip # 10 : HAVE FUN!

Following on from our previous Hen Party Planning Tips:

we bring you the tenth and final Hen Tip in our top ten Hen Tips’ series. We have saved the best (if not the most obvious) until last.

Hen Tip # 10 HAVE FUN!

Our usual quick summary of this hen party planning tip for you:

Quite simply, relax and enjoy every moment of the hen party. Whether you are the bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, a relative or a friend, if you have been tasked with organising the hen party, you are an important person and the party will go off with a bang if you are enjoying yourself.

We would love to hear your experiences of successful hen party planning. Have you been on an extremely well organised hen party? Time to big up your hen organisers! Have you organised one? Time to big up your hen party guests! Please do let us know by commenting on this blog, our YouTube clip, tweeting us, emailing us ( or posting on our Facebook page

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Supplier Showcase | Outdoor Hen Party Activity with New Forest Activities, Hampshire

There really is nothing quite like the Great Outdoors, particularly when it is gorgeously green, fantastically fresh and stunningly sunny. If you choose your UK outdoor location carefully, you will at least get two of these things and if the bride-to-be has a sense of adventure, likes a challenge and owns a waterproof, the third won’t matter.

When organising a hen party, we find that the best place to start is to choose a hen party theme which means a good research into the hen party activities on offer. So what better place to start than Outdoor Hen activities for an Outdoor Hen?

If you are organising a hen party in and around Bournemouth, Southampton and the New Forest and looking for a bit of outdoor adventure, meet New Forest Activities, who we are delighted to be featuring in this Supplier Showcase.

An Outdoor Hen party with New Forest Activities | Image supplied by New Forest Activities

An Outdoor Hen party with New Forest Activities | Image supplied by New Forest Activities

New Forest Activities offers such a varied range of outdoor activities and packages that you will be bound to find that one activity that the bride-to-be will love. A relaxing solo kayak or tandem canoe down the river for a tranquil Outdoor Hen, with paddling to the pub a popular perk of the trip! How about some cycle orienteering or treasure trails for the bride-to-be that prefers to stay landside? You could even bring in a medieval theme with some archery for a truly unique and memorable experience. With prices from just £20, this really is an affordable option.

New Forest Activities can also help you to source transport, accommodation and even food and drink. The team have excellent local knowledge and can really help lighten the load for the organiser if you are visiting the area by making suggestions and pointing you in the right direction.

We asked Sam, Director at New Forest Activities why adventurous Outdoor Hens should head to New Forest Activities and here is what Sam had to say, “The New Forest provides a wonderful backdrop to any hen party, with leafy glades, open heath land and meandering waterways all waiting to be explored.  It’s proximity to major transport routes and fantastic nightlife makes organising your New Forest Hen party, just as easy as it is to have an action packed time!

So what are you waiting for? Find contact information and website details for New Forest Activities here.

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Hen Party Planning Tip # 9 : Prepare a Keepsake

Following on from our previous Hen Party Planning Tips:

we bring you the ninth and penultimate Hen Tip in our top ten Hen Tips’ series. We are still post hen party and this tip is (like Hen Tip # 8) all about acknowledging the making of a truly fabulous hen party – but this time for the benefit of the bride-to-be.

Hen Tip # 9 Prepare a Keepsake

Our usual quick summary of this hen party planning tip for you:

No doubt, the bride-to-be will have had such a wonderful time on her hen party, that she would be absolutely delighted to receive something to remember it by. In the age of digital cameras and ease of photo sharing, make sure that you ask all your guests to share photos, so as a minimum you can pull these all together for the bride-to-be (she will have been far too busy enjoying herself to think about taking pictures). A couple of suggestions for a keepsake:-

  • A photo album of the best snaps from the hen party
  • A selection of photos of the bride-to-be with each of her guests, together with a lovely handwritten piece of marital bliss advice from each of her guests
  • A selection of photos provided by each of the guests representing a memorable story about the bride-to-be, together with a brief run-down of the story/memory (you can find more detail of how this can be turned into a game for the actual hen party on our Hen Games page – ‘Organise A Memory Book’)
  • A DVD of photos and/ or video clips of the hen party put to music for the technical minded among us!

We would love to hear your experiences of and inspiration for keepsakes for the bride-to-be providing her with lasting memories from her hen party. Please do let us know by commenting on this blog, our YouTube clip, tweeting us, emailing us ( or posting on our Facebook page.

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